What areas of Florida do you cover? Holiday Lighting Designs covers southeast Florida. Our customers are located as far south as the Keys and as far north as Vero Beach.

Are you licensed and insured? Yes. Holiday Lighting Designs is licensed and insured.

How many years have you been designing and installing holiday displays? Holiday Lighting Designs has been designing and installing holiday displays since 1999.

Is service included? Yes. Service is included on all our holiday displays. Our service line is open 24/7 to report any outages and resolved within 24 hours.

What is included? Holiday Lighting Designs holiday displays include installation, maintenance, and removal.

Why do my lights go out when it rains? This happens with standard lights and GFI outlets. Water is able to get in any single light bulb causing the GFI to trip the breaker. Many GFI issues can be eliminated or reduced by using our LED lights.

Why should I use LED lights instead of standard (incandescent) lights? LED lights use approximately 90% less power, are 20% brighter, rated for 200,000 hours, reduces GFI tripping, and reduces service calls.