Installation-services-1-1Holiday Lighting Designs is truly the only company for all your lighting needs in South Florida. Our company offers professional design, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage eliminating the time and effort normally required to enjoy the lights and decorations for the holiday’s.

The design professionals at Holiday Lighting designs welcome all types of creative ideas. It is through your vision that we can create a winter wonderland that really fills everyone with that warm holiday feeling. Our only limitations are your imagination. We take care of everything inside and out taking the worry out of the holidays.

We offer custom designs for residential properties, commercial properties, Municipalities, shopping centers, and much more. Whether you want us to provide exterior lighting, interior decorating, or a truly inspiring fully animated display professionally choreographed to music our services are right for you. Our professional installation teams are trained and dedicated to providing the best quality service in the industry.

IMG_1371We are focused on being the only company for all of your holiday needs. We specialize in custom creating spectacular exterior lighting displays, magnificent interior decorating with both purchase and leasing options. We offer full animation options where we can program your lighting to dance to the music of your choice. We can even make it snow.

Here at Holiday Lighting Designs we have been able to focus on that unique niche of profession quality holiday decorating while still keeping our focus on our number one goal, customer satisfaction. Through the years our vast network of customers has grown to include some of the most prestige’s communities, cities, municipalities and distinctive homes in south Florida.

The Services We Offer Include the Following
•Commercial Interior and Exterior
•Residential Interior and Exterior
•Animated Lighting
•Event Lighting

Here Is How We Work
Getting to Know One Another

The first step in designing your Holiday decorating theme is to learn what it is you are looking to create. Whether you are a commercial property, Municipality, or residential client we need to go over your vision, ideas, and concepts. Being that every property and every home is so unique in its architecture and landscape design we will need to meet to conduct an initial survey of your property. From there we can begin to build your design proposal. Remember all of our proposals are always at no cost to you.

After our initial meeting we should have a pretty clear idea of what it is that you are looking to create. However in order to address all possible issues we would appreciate your feedback on previous designs. – What did you like about your past designs and or experiences? What were your dislikes about your past designs and or experiences? Once we have all of that information we can begin to construct a very detailed design proposal that provides a visual idea of your lighting concept, costs and electrical needs. Every item is categorized and priced separately so that you may pick and choose what items fit your needs and budgets.
All of our proposals have agreements ranging from one to five year terms to lock in your price.
Reviewing Your Design
After our initial meeting, where we determined your likes and dislikes from previous years, addressing those issues and incorporating your vision of where you would like to see your display, it is time to review your budgets. We understand that many of our clients have budgets that they are trying to work within. We want to help every step of the way to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Once you have received your proposal please contact us to go over each and every item so that we may answer any questions you have. Working within your budget we can either add to your design or make some minor changes in order for our design to work with you. Many of our clients make the mistake of removing items themselves without consulting with our designers. Unfortunately these customers only see the dollar amounts and not the impact that each and every piece of your proposal has on the overall lighting design. Our designers can see your vision on paper and visualize everything lit up. Working with them makes it easy for you to keep the impact you’re looking for while staying within your means.

Bringing Your Imagination to Light
Throughout the initial consultation, survey and review of your design we were able to develop a variety of options to suit your needs, your vision and your budget.

Now it’s time to leave the hard work up to us.

Our professional installers take pride in what they do to create any array of unique designs that go beyond your expectations. Everything is included in your design proposal as well so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

A Professional Installation is the most important factor that determines how well your vision is portrayed in lights.

This includes an extremely professional and friendly staff, the right equipment, materials and management to see the job through.

Holiday Lighting Designs takes the artistry of painting with light seriously and you can rest assured that our property friendly installations will provide that seamless experience that you are looking for while bringing your imagination to light. Each and every installation is important to us from the initial start of the installation through the removal of everything after the holidays are done.

While there are many things to consider before hiring a company we hope that it is through our work and dedication to capturing the spirit of the holidays that you choose ours.

Why Choose Holiday Lighting Designs?
Service – 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Holiday Lighting Designs understands that your lighting is up for a short period of time and that any issues need to be addressed within 24 hours. Our service team of qualified technicians are dispatched immediately once a problem is reported . To go even further we can set up weekly inspections on the day of your choice. Sometimes we even notice problems and repair them before you. No one wants your lights working properly more than us. Holiday Lighting Designs is committed to providing the best service in the industry.

Free Custom Design Proposals – From simple to extreme our designers are able to put together some of the most detailed proposals FREE OF CHARGE.

Free Maintenance – Holiday Lighting Designs warranties all of our work throughout the entire holiday season.

Multi-Year and Early Season Discounts – Holiday Lighting Designs offers multi -year discounts on all of our proposals. Sign a three year contract and not only do you receive a 5% discount, but we will lock that price in for you as well. Sign a five year contract and we will provide a 10% discount each year for five years and lock in the price. Sign up early and Holiday Lighting Designs will take an additional 5% off of any term one, three or five years. That’s up to 15% off every season. We are so confident that you will be happy with our services that we guarantee it. If you are not happy for ANY REASON at all simply cancel the contract after the first year. We even give you until March to decide.

Professional Installation – A Professional Installation is the most important factor that determines how well your vision is portrayed in lights. Holiday Lighting Designs combines quality installation techniques with the best commercial grade products on the market to ensure you have a seamless installation.

Prompt Removal – Each year we get many calls about other contractors who simply just don’t return to finish the job and take down the lights. Not here, we contact all of our clients to set up the removal dates when they prefer. Whether it is on January 2nd or June 1st. If you prefer we can set up the removal date months in advance.

Storage – Holiday Lighting Designs offers the lowest storage and transportation costs. Our facilities can store anything from ornaments to mega trees.

Are your Christmas trees and holiday decorations taking up too much space? Let us store it in our safe and secure warehouse. Our storage prices include round trip transportation as well so no more lugging that heavy stuff around.